15 mar. 2018

5 plans to add-in to your cycling holiday in Catalonia

A cycling holiday does not need to be only about cycling, right? These 5 plans will help you enjoy a 360º cycling experience:

1.     Gastronomic activities. Gastronomy is a part of Catalonia’s identity. Each region will offer you unique elaborations and local products: local cheese producers, olive oil, rice fields, wineries, Michelin restaurants, seafood… Tours related: The Catalan Coast, Hidden Catalonia, Barcelona Cycling.

2.     Cultural discovering. There is much to see in Catalonia: little charming medieval villages, archaeological remains from the roman empire, UNESCO monuments, modernist architecture… Tours related: Tarragona Cycling, The Catalan CoastBarcelona Cycling.

3.     Wine tastings. Did you know that Catalonia is a land of wines and cavas, holding up to 12 Designations of Origin? Each wine region has its own character and you will find amazing landscapes studded with vineyards. Tours related: Costers del Segre, Priorat Cycling, The Wine Route.

4.     Get active in singular landscapes. Catalonia has got neverending natural spaces: vast, green, moutainous, marine, snowy, sunny… where you will be able to do whatever you like the most. Tours related: Mediterranean Pyrenees, Cerdanya Cycling.

5.     Adventure activities. We have endless options of adventures and experiences to test you! You can do some rafting, climbing, kayaking, canyoning, speleology… Tours related: Hidden Catalonia, Costers delSegre, Cerdanya Cycling.

22 feb. 2018

This is why you should start practicing nordic skiing if you are a triathlete

From our experience in the management of outdoor physical activities, we offer all triathletes and long distance athletes the possibility of practicing in winter season an excellent complementary sport to the programming of the training of the season. Along with swimming and athletics, Nordic skiing is considered one of the most complete sports modalities that exist:

1. Aerobic work. Increase in oxygen consumption and lung capacity (CO2max levels higher than in any other sport).
2. It is performed in height, with the benefits that entails: increased levels of hematocrit in blood.
3. Increased muscle tone. We work our calfs, soleus, quadriceps and glutes in the lower body and we also exercise the often-forgotten upper body with the mobilization of triceps, deltoids and shoulders. We also use the chest, back, dorsal, lumbar and abdominal muscles from the trunk.
4. Low level of injury. With minimal impact, the joints suffer less!
5. Other skills are worked out such as balance, coordination and proprioception.
6. Change of environment. Much closer relationship with nature, increased sensations. Ski stations located in natural parks, very little overcrowded and a relaxed atmosphere.

Some ideas for a first attack plan: Our triathlon winter training

Por qué practicar esquí nórdico si eres triatleta

Desde la experiencia en la gestión de actividades físicas al aire libre, ofrecemos a todos los triatletas y deportistas de larga distancia la posibilidad de practicar en temporada de invierno un excelente deporte complementario a la programación de los entrenos de la temporada. 
Junto a la natación y al atletismo, el esquí nórdico se considera una de las modalidades deportivas más completas que existen:

1.     Trabajo aeróbico. Aumento del consumo de oxígeno y de la capacidad pulmonar (niveles de CO2máx más altos que en cualquier otro deporte).
2.     Se realiza en altura, con los beneficios que eso conlleva: aumento de los niveles de hematocrito en sangre.
3.     Aumento del tono muscular trabajamos gemelos, sóleos, cuádriceps y glúteos en el tren inferior y también ejercitamos el a menudo olvidado tren superior con la movilización de tríceps, deltoides y hombros.Del tronco echamos mano de pecho, espalda, dorsales, lumbares y abdominales.
4.     Bajo nivel lesivo. Al haber impacto un impacto mínimo, ¡las articulaciones sufren menos!
5.     Se trabajan otras habilidades como el equilibrio, la coordinación y la propiocepción.
6.     Cambio de entorno. Relación mucho más estrecha con la naturaleza, aumento de sensaciones. Estaciones ubicadas en parques naturales, muy poco masificadasy un ambiente distendido.
Puedes acceder a la oferta aquí: https://goo.gl/5j8C4v o escríbenos a info@lapicatrips.com para más información ¡y escápate con tu equipo!